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Hello gif artists, browsers and ASP coders!!! so, you wanna know more about the Baxter's, huh? Well, I'm Glen and I do ASP and networking. My brother Les in an HTML wizard, but his real strong points are such ecletic and exciting areas of COMPUTER SCIENCE as: dithering gifs, compression and ways of acheiving this, and jpg. He lives in NEW YORK at the moment he's doing lots of cool codin!!! :-{ <GRINS>. We both used to have a COMPUTER SHOP in walthamstow, londodn. now we both are unemployed/freelancing and i teach WRITING ASP IN NOTEPAD at a local secondary school on sunday mornings!


all material (c) the baxters 20001

thanks for the midi to some wiz caled bary check out his cool sight!!!!!! i found it just browsing on the internet (i use google, top qual asp!) yea, barry's site is a really nice example of good web programming, and all you budding notepad HTML gurus who are here to glean web tips from THE BAXTERS should take a look at the code Barry uses (write click and choose encoding on pc'c onl,y (NO MACS!!!!!)))):::: ):

______________________________________________________________________________ _______

Hi im Les,

A poem by les baxter.


a gif, a gif, on my screen,

dithered, web-safe, the image is clean.

a jpeg, a jpeg, over compressed,

it's colours weak, i'm not impressed.

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