Everyone knows that is important to have a good chair when you work in an office. Glen got a bad back from using a camping chair.

Important things to consider with a chair:

1 What is the back support like?
2 Is it adjustable
3 Does it have wheels?

Comibining these ideas Glen came up with this furniture solution:

it was reallyexpensive, 69 fromJOHN LEWIS
Les had a much better :

idea. Whereas the 'Soho' John Lewis chair is unadjustable and not so comfy, Les got a really comfy one. He got it from IKEA in new york. They cost about the same amount of moeny, but Les' was better. he considered the above points, wheras glen didn't. Glen was impulse shopping but because he had a bad back he was desperate.
Here's Les's chair:
it was $139 from IKEA
as you can see it is much better. It has adjustable back and also it won't move around unless someone is sitting on it.

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UPDATE!11-01-2006 OK, last night I realised that the chair is not that uncomfortable, and these last few years I have had it assembled wrong. The base is slightly tilted and I had the wooden bit on back to front, so it tilted forward a little. Not at alkl comfy!. It is corrected now. PHEW! It was getting a little uncomfortable. OK - site update soon, I promise. Until thenm, peace X Glen

27-10-2006 Hello webheads all. Another updaye. L88K - The chair broke.

27-10-2006 As you can see, I tried to repair it with wood glue but it didn't work. Also, I have been Suffering from depression. I was going to put a web self help section on-site with methods of dealing with it, but I felt too down. I shall do it soon
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